Tax Fonciere

I have a holiday home at Le Teilleul, has anybody had a large increase for 2016 in their T.F?
My has gone up over 210Eu.

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Yup - ours has gone up by a similar amount :frowning:

Hi Catharine, my is now 1345Eu!!!

I’ve just read this on AE. I think that you are being a bit economical with the facts here!

Perhaps you could explain more David?

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Not really my place but he submitted a Form H1 and the taxes have been brought up to date. That’s quite different to the shock, horror of an unexpected increase.

Ah, yes David. That would explain it perfectly…

Well ours have just gone up. Nothing submitted… I’ve heard a lot of complaints from others too.

Maybe, but the OP’s situation is different.

We must be lucky, as ours has only gone up 10 Euros for the year.


Actually @MaureenHorswell ours was the same this year as last year to the centime in the P-C. As this area is predominantly run by the PS, perhaps they are lining themselves up for the Presidential Elections next year (cynical, moi? rien :open_mouth:)


Hi Graham.

Our Taxe Habitation has gone down by 28 Euros a month and they told us they
would not take the final payment of the year this month. We are happy.


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Our Tax Foncier has gone down by 110 Euros but our Taxe Habitation has gone up by 100 Euros… odd.