Tax Form 2042

We rent a Gite out (separate property), have a registered star rating for tax benefits and fill in a quarterly form.

Currently we are filling out the 1st paper form 2042 and I am already stuck on the first page.

At the bottom of the page to the right of the signature box it asks:-
“si vous souscrivez un declaration d’impot sur la fortune
immobiliere cochez”
Do I tick this box?

Thanking you in anticipation of help.

Cocher means put a cross in the box, the French disapprove of ticks in their boxes. :sunglasses:

I’m an insufferable know-all, I do realise…

Thanks, but I know it means put a cross in the box, that was not my issue.
Can you answer my actual question though?

No, but I thought my reply might conceivably be helpful. I learn something new every day. Best wishes for your continued enquiry :relaxed:

Depends if you’re liable to wealth tax or not - just Google IFI (which replaced ISF)