TAx form help for AE

Hi. I have been an auto entrepreneur for the last few years, recently we have also stated renting part of our property as a gite. Now its time to fill in my tax form, so I want to declare both sets of income. My AE work is my main income and is far less than the gite income. I have been told that as the gites (we have 2) are not my main income and their revenue is less than 10k on each property, we will not pay income tax. I have not so far with the AE work had to pay any income tax, of course my cotisation payments are a different story. Has anybody had any experience with this, working as an AE and running a small gite business. I have seen some info that income tax is based on 29% of the gite income but maybe this is just for people whose primary income is gites ??

And advise would be great.

Income tax is based on the total income your household earns and is irrelevant of how it is earned unless it it is overseas income that has already been taxed. The total amount of income is then divided by the number of people in your household and the amount you pay is based on that.

The percentages you talk about are the standard allowances that are taken off the total of that income before it is taken into account for tax and is different depending on how the income came about. You don't actually need to worry about these, you enter the total income into the appropriate box as detailed on your attestation fiscale that you should have received from URSSAF or RSI and they work it out for you.