Tax form meuble de tourism

Hi i have been filling in my tax return for 20 yrs but am thrown by the annee blanche extra pages 5,6 and 7 on cerfa 2042 C.
My meuble de tourism revenue goes in box 5nj as normal but there are three extra pages which say, fill in to avoid double prelevement in 2019. I cant see a box on these three pages saying meuble de tourism, but am sensing maybe there is a box there to fill in. It might be clearer when i fill in on line , im just doing hard copy before i go on line.

Hi Anne

You may have missed the thread where folk are asking all sorts of questions about Declarations this year…

Any queries can be settled in person at your local Tax Office… they are there to help all of us … French et al…

Stella yes i read all the threads but nobody has
Answered the above question. I phoned the automated 0809401401 service which said someone could phone me back on Friday and im not in on Friday! It was just automated i couldnt speak to a person. Tax office an hour away trying to avoid going if i can.

Perhaps someone has exactly the same situation as you have… who knows… but time is marching on… IMO best advice has been to go to the Tax Office…

My Tax Office is an hour or so… went twice last week… once for me and once with a friend… (what has to be done… has to be done) … and this year there are lots of queries… :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::wink:

If you do your declarations online - all those boxes are prefilled based on your previous 3 years revenue from your Meublés de Tourisme.

Simon thank you i just phoned my son who said
Exactly the same thing. Hes coming to hold my hand this weekend when we do it on line together.