Tax Forms and taxes payable

Hi folks, I am about to submit my first tax declaration in France. This is for the income for 2015. The clerk in the tax office gave me 2 forms, 2042(blue) and 2047(pink). He put little crosses on the sections I have to complete and told me to return them by 18th May. I have 2 questions for you guys

1) A friend has told me to fill in only the pink one or I'll be incorrectly charged tax in France on the amounts on the blue one but the clerk clearly stated to complete both, although the figures will be exactly the same. What is the view out there?

2) On reading various sources I am worried that I will have to pay another tax which will in fact put our stay here in jepody. Me and my hubby receive pensions from our government service jobs. We are both under state retirment age, we have no other income at all. I beleive our tax paid in the UK will be effectively credited to us so we pay nil "income tax" here BUT I am begining to think we have to pay "Contribution Social" at about 7.5% of total income. We already pay about 8% of income above 9k to URSAAF for our CPAM (carte vital). Can anyone tell me if that is so?

You certainly have to fill in both forms. The figures on both are the same- unless some of your income is from France and some from the UK. The red one is for foreign income-income that does not derive from France. The blue form is for all income. I've always filled in both and my tax in fine. I don't know about yout other query-sorry.

Hello Gillian,

First of all let me reassure you that from what you have said of your circumstances you have no need to worry about any additional tax.

I am in exactly the same position as yourselves --- Government Occupational Pension and under UK State Retirement Pension age, and so can give you a definitive answer to your questions. I have been living in France, and submitting French Tax returns for 12 years and have never had anything to pay.

The answer to your question is quite lengthy because it has to be detail specific, and so I will send you a personal message on this site rather than replying in this open forum space. Therefore please check your personal messages here, but give me a bit of writing time please. I'll also be very happy to open a direct e-mail conversation with you if I need to send you any example documents or further detailed info.

Best wishes to you, Robert.

Thanks to Robert Hodge and to others who have discussed this topic in other 'strings'. There are many conflicting views out there. We went to our tax office again today and the outcome of our discussion is a mix of the advices we have had but the result is that we entered out total gross pensions income into box 8 (8TK) only, of the blue form and our individual gross pensions income into box 6 only, of the pink form, the total of the two individual figures is also shown within this box on a line which is labelled 8TK (to correspond with the box on the blue form). Both forms signed, dated and copied. The advisor confirmed that we would get the 'avis' (hopefully showing nil tax to be paid!) in around about September. I guess they will contact us if they have any questions. I'm still anxious as no-one, including the tax office staff, seems to be sure of the exact process to be followed. Thanks again to all. I'll post any developements as they arise.

As promised I'm posting the outcome of our first tax declaration . I'm happy to say the 'avis' arrived a few days ago showing an amount of tax payable, a credit of the same amount in respect of tax paid in the UK (reciprical agreement) and therefore a balance to be paid of NIL. Thanks for all the advice offered. I just hope the 'reciprical agreement' will continue after BREXIT !