Tax habitation bank rejected

Hello to everyone,
I payed my tax habitation via mobile application. I just scan the qr code in the letter and put details of my bank account. The problem is that I had insufficient funds in my account and I did not notice that, so the bank rejected the payment.
So now when I scan the qr code the redirected page tell me that I have already payed my tax. I cannot login to their website as I have never received my numero ligne. So what I have to do now? The deadline for my payment was 15 November. It is ok If I do the payment by post office? Should I pay also more money because of the delay?
Thank you for your time!

I would suggest that you could send a paper cheque, together with a photocopy of the bill, to the payment office of the billing authority by first class post.
A short note of explanation would also probably help, as would a phone call if your French is sufficient for that.

Expect to be charged a 10% penalty for late payment.

So do you mean to pay the normal amount that I have to by post and adding a photocopy of confirmation email that I got when I did the request for online payment? How can I send a note of explanation? Unfortunately my french is not good. @Trev57 I cannot somehow avoid the penalty?
Thank you!

The penalty is applied automatically. If you explain the reason for the delay and ask nicely, they will very often (but not always) cancel the penalty. But you do need to ask, because if you don’t the penalty will stay on your account and grow steadily. Can’t you get yourself to the tax office? Face to face often produces the best results.

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Yes, you can try just paying the normal amount. If they want you to pay an additional late payment penalty then no doubt they will write to you and ask for it. As long as you don’t leave it too much longer before paying, then you just might get away without the penalty. Certainly worth a try anyway.
Have you tried using the translation facility available at
As long as you keep your English sentences short and in simple language, then the translator will do a good job of turning it into French. Then just copy and paste into a letter format on your word processor.


Deepl is very good but a word of advice - for security reasons don’t type your name and address or any sensitive personal data into deepl, because anything you input will be stored in its memory and might possibly pop up as a suggested translation to somebody else! Use it to translate the body of the letter, and add your personal details afterwards.


Usually they will only waive the penalty if the bill was sent to the wrong address and it was their error, I would have thought it highly unlikely they will let you off because you had insufficient funds in your account. The onus is on you to make sure you had sufficient funds before making the payment.

Always worth asking though, because they do seem to have discretion. I was let off a late payment fine once when I had no excuse at all except that I clean forgot all about it, I simply apologised and grovelled a bit, and said I don’t suppose there’s any chance you could perhaps, erm…? and they did. That was urssaf not the tax office, though.