Tax habitation triples huge increase

I have improved the small property (104squ mtrs) I bought ten years ago I installed a bathroom and two extra toilets plus central heating.The generale finances des publiques revaluated the property, unfortunately I misread the form and thought a question asked for the garden size it had asked for the size of any buildings in the garden.I gave the garden size as 600 mtrs, this was taken to mean a building this size had been erected. After several letters and visits to the offices explaining my error they have halfed the amout of tax fonciere payable but the tax habitation has increased from 254 euro to 828 euro is there anymore I can do to have this reduced any suggestions thanks

thanks for your help, ive had the place for ten years so,I guess the re valuation was due.I will keep plugging away at the dept of finance until all avenues have been exhausted.I was the only englishman in this area of the Loir but there is now about 30 families living here they even have printed some leflets in english on how to pay taxes via direct debit in the local finance dept!

I'm sure you weren't, John, but I thought I'd give an idea of how much these things vary from one part of the country to another. It's something people need to be aware of when deciding where to live. Some parts of the country have seen local taxes rocket over the past few years.

I wasnt meaning people on survive france disclosing their tax amount or house values but my neighbours here in sarthe both french and english who seem to play their cards close to their chest reluctant in case I use their house values or tax amounts payable to further my case.The house is small only 104m2 two bedrooms, attic bedroom living room and kitchen inclusive of a cave the increase in the valeur locative brute increased from1006 euros to 3245 euros when i installed central heating and a bathroom( using a small bedroom) there was no increase in floor area this is what impacted on the tax habitation,which actually increased by 20% since last year

The reason I haven't given you our Taxe d'Habitation is that I'm not sure we're comparable, living in a particularly cheap part of the country, local tax wise. Ours was €319 (not including €3 in management fees and the €123 TV licence), an overall increase of 3.21 per cent, on a valeur locative brute of €2832. Our house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large conservatory. Has your valeur locative brute gone up by a huge amount this year because of the improvements you've made or is it just the percentage tax charged by the commune, the intercommunale etc. that has shot up? Our Taxe Foncière was €570 including the "frais de gestion".

thanks for that my 825euros taxe habitation does not seem to bad, your the first person to divulge what they pay I think it was the size of the increase( triple) which shook me. the place did not have a bathroom or central heating when i bought it .I have not yet had their final decision but will give them till the end of the month before another visit, its been dragging on since october I usually have to write a couple of letters keeping copies to which I get no reply, I then visit the finance dept wait an hour to be seen no decision can be made, but I then recieve a letter saying they are still considering my request.Interestingly the taxe fonciere was rectified quickly and reduced to its original level 250euros of course there was no increase in the size of the building just internal improve ments to a village house that had stood unoccupied for 10 yrs before I bought it

What have they finally decided the taxe fonciere is? Around here 104m2 is not considered small, it's average, adding a bathroom and two toilets will cause a substantial increase in taxe d'hab.

We pay taxe d'hab of 750€ for 90m2 but just one bathroom.

that is another problem no one seems to want to divulge how much they are paying

The Taxe d'Habitation has been shooting up by huge amounts all over France so first check whether it's gone up for everyone in your area and by how much to find out whether you're paying over the odds.