Tax Question............Sorry

Hi, rely sorry if this has been done to death in the past. We completed our tax returns and put them through the door in Carcassonne. Having driven away that hot flush of dread came over us both when we realised we hadn’t mentioned the wife’s teachers pension lump sum. So, we are sending a corrected version in next week with Corrected Version written in red across the top. However we are unsure what box to put this lump sum in, on the 2047 and possibly the 2042k, and what explanation we use, in French, to explain that it’s not cashing in but what every teacher gets. Any help gratefully received.
Feeling pretty stupid currently and wished we’d been a bit more alert!

You won’t be the first… nor the last … to do something like that…:relaxed:

Any possibility of you handing the amended paperwork in…(rather than through the door) and perhaps talking with someone face-to-face ?? :thinking:

Hopefully, we will ring in the morning as Carcassonne no longer does “drop ins”

Hope all goes well… they may offer an appointment… see how things work out…

The Tax folk are (supposed) to be available to help out, when someone has a query etc etc… so you should be OK…


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