Tax refund

A week after doing my tax declaration online, my refund is in my account! Very impressed.

Good Luck

We don't have any expenses that we can claim unfortunately as my husband is employed. The only changes from last year are that I've become an autoentrepreneur and put my income on the form but this shouldn't affect the tax payable as I pay tax monthly along with the cotisations, and a second of our three children became "rattaché" (sorry for the spelling!) as they are over 18 but at university in the uk and are still included under our household, again I don't think this should change our tax liability. I think a visit to the tax office is called for. Thanks for your help Steve.

If your income has dropped but you are paying more tax, that doesn't sound logical. Have you forgotten to declare some expenses somewhere ? Might be worth comparing your declarations for 2013 and 2012 line by line.

Oh Steve I so hope that ours is the same. Our income declared this year was roughly 5,000 euros less than last year, but after completing the online tax return we were told that our impot payable is approx 500 euros more than last year. The Impots website is still showing our tax payable as this figure but it really doesn't seem feasible.

My "ImpĂ´t sur le Revenue" has dropped and so my first 5 monthly payments, which were based on last year's tax, added up to more than I owed. You should get a letter from the tax people explaining the refund.

I also received a refund that I noticed in the account yesterday, but I have no idea what it's for. I've searched the Impots website and can't find mention of a refund, and as we received it on the same day as you received yours, perhaps ours is for the same thing. Do you happen to know what your refund concerns?