Tax return for 2011 - Dread or Delight

Hi all,

Phew! I say that because we (me and OH) were absolutely dreading the paperwork. However, on Tues morning, our local impot was really helpful. So much so, he helped us fill in the forms there and then and we deposited them in the voting style box back in reception, so how simple was that! Did/does anyone else find the process relatively straightforward and/or do you process yours online? We'll be informed of how much we owe in September apparently. We were however made aware of the fact that 10% is discounted automatically too, for travelling to work and back. Did anyone else find the whole process quite straightforward?? :)

I don't find them difficult, just time consuming. The 1st year back in the early '90's we had an accountant do them and then got hauled into Condom tax office to be told they had been done all wrong. The tax inspector then did them for us , it took him about 8 months to get it done!!! and ever since I followed what he did the numbers have changed but where the income from hasn't.

Last year we got a letter asking us to go in and another inspector told us the system had changed and therefore our overseas income had to be ventilated into different boxes on the pink form which he kindly marked for me. He then added the overseas income onto the french micro as well as putting it in the apropriate No8 box on the blue form. When I querried this he said that was the new way. later after reflection I called him and pointed out that micro france was turn over and overseas income was profit, so he decided that it had to be added to profit in france as if we had a reel simplifée. Which I did . we ended up paying tax as our income had increased. I knew he was entering it twice he just couldn't understand that! I'm not saying I'm a tax expert but adding the same figures up twice didn't make any sense to me .

This year I have done it my way which means putting it on the pink form ventilated in the way he showed and putting that amount on the blue form but certainly not adding it onto our french income a 2nd time . One good thing I discovered this year is that I get an allowance for the children now they are in higher education and I also spotted that they will be able to claim an allowance on repaying their student loans when the time comes.

I'm just glad it's done.


Trop fort Terry, j'adore :-D

Oui, c'est bien Carmaux et on vient de trouver une super maison à louer à un quart d'heure du magasin à Arthès, jusqu'au nord d'Albi. Et il faut le dire - on part dans le Tarn (et à un moment donné c'était le Lot et Garonne!!!) seulement parce qu'on n'a rien trouvé "de correcte" dans l'Aveyron. Les négociations pour la Maison de la Presse à Millau n'avaient jamais vraiment démarré parce qu'il y avait trop d'embrouille... dommage parce que c'est un coin qu'on adore mais c'est sans regrets

à + ;-)

C'est pour ça que tu pars dans le Tarn??? Remarque, quand tu seras à Carmaux (c'est bien Carmaux?) tu n'auras qu'à sauter dans le Cérou pour être porté directement dans l'Aveyron! :-))

Yes, very valid point for those not quite up to speed with everything you can claim for. One year I went the whole hog and justified all mileage as it was way over the 10% you automatically get. You can also off-set all union subs and charity donations against tax. As for all the crédit d'impôt, that's fine as long as you jump through all the hoops and use artisans etc, as soon as you do it yourself you can't claim :-(

J'aurais pu te dire que tu serais mieux dans l'aveyron Terry ;-)

I should have said, I'm not sure how we would have known about what we could offset against our income tax without the accountant. There's reductions for the kids, insulation, having a domestic help, having a child assistant and income from overseas & Auto-Entrepreneur so our form wasn't quite so simple. Next year looks more complicated again as we hope to do more renovation work which has even more credits.

Oh and not forgetting to declare overseas bank accounts - 1500 euro fine apparently for non-disclosure.

I wouldn't have fancied going into Les impots with 2 toddlers and a baby to try to sort out that lot.

Our local tax office has always been helpful and in the administrative aftermath of my mother-in-law's death earlier this year the tax office in Millau, across the border in Aveyron, were by far the most helpful, understanding and considerate of the various administrations we had to contact. Just don't leave it to the last moment before consulting or you may find yourself in a very long queue! :-))

our accountant did ours for us - we owe 28 euro which was a pleasant surprise. Not looking forward to fonciere though :(

Yes Hayley, always did the paper version until a year or so ago and it's so easy on-line, even with the additional form for auto entrepreneurs, plus the tax is worked out straight away. In my case I'm getting 500€ back as I did last year as I pay tax with my cotisations and always end up having paid too much. I also now do my quarterly returns on-line too as it saves stamps and paperwork. Any hassle and the local tax offices are great, needed mine in Pézenas for EU VAT, then here in Decazeville for P237s, etc. etc. Alwats very helpful so I'll happily second your advice of popping in to see them if there's the slightest doubt ;-) And yes, you'll be billed later in the year for your tax, then there's the taxe d'habitation and taxe foncière to look forward, always makes each autumn a "taxing" time...! ;-)