hello once again just wanted to update people with my progress with the tax issue I had last year having to pay tax here as well as England on a Government pension. We sent all documentation to Bordeaux tribunal before Christmas which they received and they have contacted our local tax office but nothing has happened does anyone know or have been though this process as apparently we only have till October this year to get the payment they took from us. Also can anyone recommend an accountant who would know the next step. I did inform the tax office in writing if I had to pay an accountant to deal with this I would charge this to the tax office. Many thanks.

I have sent u a message to add me as a friend so I can send u name address etc of accountant in case it’s called advertising if I publish the info.

Hi Jane, thanks for your reply this is so frustrating as it is not a state pension we are early retirees and this is a teachers pension that is taxed in the U.k and last year we had to pay nearly 3000€ here having already paid. We are in the process of a tribunal but will need to get an accountant involved as we only have till October this year to get this back and avoid paying the next one which is more and the French aren’t in any hurry with this issue

Hi June, sorry I can, t really help you, just to say that hubby receives his state pension from England but he only pays tax in England, obviously it is declared here in France but only taxed in England. I think somehow a box has been mistakenly ticked or not ticked in your case as you should not be taxed twice. Hopefully someone more knowledgeble can help you.