Taxe d’habitation: a difference according to length of stay?

We have had a house in France for some years, but only been here a few weeks annually.
Should we be paying “Taxe d’habitation” for these years?


Now, 2019, we have just arrived and plan to stay till October 2019. Should we pay “taxe d’habitaction” for 2019?

We would be grateful for advice.

Thank you.

Yes absolutely - and you’ll be paying a premium as it’s been a second home.

Yes absolutely - in fact if you’re staying until October 2019 you’re French tax residents and need to, as an initial step, affiliate to the health system. You will be required to submit tax returns in Spring 2020 relating to your worldwide income.

Just out of interest - are you saying you’ve never paid any Taxe d’Hab since buying your second home in France?


Oh yes, we have been paying “taxe d’habitation “ every year!

I’ve asked about health system on another thread…

What happens if we are here less than 6 months re Health system?

Thank you for your reply hitherto!


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Technically, after being here 3 months, with the intention to stay, you need to affiliate to the health system via whatever appropriate route. Importantly it’s not a ‘number of days’ game - your French residency will be an unambiguous matter of fact.