Taxe d'Habitation/Audiovisuel - change in exemptions?

Is this any good? q

Well, it’s a datamatrix code which is why it looks a bit different to a QR code

The image above is still a bit low res and blurry but seems to just contain some numbers - which is slightly odd, I don’t have a recent bill with a code - ours have just a blank space in the bit where you are invited to scan the code as I have payment by DD set up. Our old bills have a much smaller code - just the equivalent of one of the 4x4 blocks above.

I note, however, that you are still invited to scan it using the impôts app - so it can’t whisk you to a random URL and must be in a form the government app understands. Maybe one of the numbers is the destination RIB or account number - the strings of digits are long enough but nothing has the telltale FR76 - not that means much as you could strip that out.

So, if it is a scam I am not sure how it works - presumably the individual tax references are correct which makes it truly odd (how would a random scammer get hold of those).

What looks very unusual to me is that you have 2 bills. Every bill that I have ever had for Taxe d’Habitation includes the Audiovisuel contribution on the same bill.
Definitely a scam I reckon.

Interesting, reading my way through this thread…

Personally, I would pop to the Tax people and ask them what is going on… for what reason are you now being Billed (that is certainly needing to be queried, anyway).

I never use those Qcodes, but that is just me…

As I understand it it’s a second bill not one bill for TdH and another for AV. The second bill is a demand for both TdH and AV as normal.

If they were being billed that information would appear online. In this case it does not. It is either a scam or an error so as you say a visit to the tax people is the only option.

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Definitely need to go to the tax office. If it’s a scam they need to be made aware so they can put out an alert and have it investigated (the French government has a special service to investigate cybercrime, they take it very seriously). If it’s not a scam the tax people need to investigate why these bills don’t show on your online account. I don’t see how it would be possible for the computer to contradict itself like this. On that basis my guess would be Scam.

Here is a link to the official template of the form. Clearly yours is different but for the taxe d’hab does it show the correct calculation on page 4? Is the text about payment etc the same?

You can play at “spot the differences”, have fun!

Yep… sorry that I’m repeating what you said… it is in case some folk are not actually using online yet and they will/might be reading this thread later on… :thinking: :wink:

Well, that makes the task of anyone trying to produce a fake form easier!!

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Yep maybe I shouldn’t have posted it! but if anyone is sharp enough to figure out the barcode business, I guess they’re sharp enough to find the templates for themself too.

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I wasn’t thinking that you were making the scammers’ task easier but they must think it terribly nice of the government to do half their job for them.

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Our audio is the same, tdh reduced drastically. Maybe everyone who paid a lot has gone dow? And you guys have gone up? Your town hall may be able to help
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Looking at our Tax d’Habitation I would say a scam, under the flash code our’s says Comment payer votre taxe d’habitation your’s says taxe impots? Incidentally we can’t believe how low your tax is, ours is 786 euros plus audiovisual. We can only think it’s because we have a relative new build house on a Lottisement as it’s not that big. On the plus side it’s well insulated!

Thank you for that suggestion. It confirmed that we had no liability for Taxe d’Hab or Audiovisuel.

The two bills were separate. One for TdH, the other for Audiovisuel.

We don’t pay Taxe d’Habitation at all. Haven’t done since I reached the age of 60. Which seems a long time ago. :slight_smile:

There was a similar scam re Taxe d’Hab back in 2012. I don’t know how it worked, but it was reported in the press.

Paris Alert 2012

That false Bill asked for payment by cheque … thus the money would not have paid off taxes, merely lined the pockets of the bad-guys.

As the lady says… she did not query the need for cheque instead of her usual TIP … but she did query the fact that it included payment for TV when she did not have a set.

Thankfully, she asked the Tresor Pub folk and saved herself some money.

Many folk with TV (presumably) would have written cheques without further thought… :roll_eyes:

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I’ve just looked at my old TdH bills and the TdH and AV always appear together on one page listed one under the other.
You say that you haven’t been paying TdH because your income is below a threshold, do you normally receive a demand for the AV payment that makes no mention of TdH or did they confirm that your TdH was €0,00?
Just out of interest you mention that you haven’t paid TdH since you were 60, do some communes exempt over 60s from TdH?

PS None of these questions changes anything, a trip to the tax office is the only way forward.

We can speculate for ever but the one fact we know for sure is that Susie’s online account shows no payment due. To me that is very significant and calls for a visit or phone call to the tax office.