Taxe d'Habitation.. will you be benefiting in 2018?

For those who are wondering about 2018 and possible reductions in their taxes… here is a useful link, just made available this evening.


Thank you Stella for posting, nice to hear from you :slight_smile:


Hello Stella. There you are!! I’ve missed you. Hope all is OK.

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Well, I’m glad the budget has been ratified…I have been thinking of all the things I can do with the money I will be saving (eventually). :star_struck:

Being a cautious type, I’m going to wait until they’ve finished thinking up reforms… I won’t be spending the money I save on taxe d’hab until I know how they’re going to plug the hole they’ve dug, just in case they simply add it onto taxes foncières or something like that.

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Hi Stella, Thanks for this info and Happy New Year.

The link opened and I entered our details based on the December 2017 Avis d’Impot but got no response when I hit “Calculer”. I tried several times but no joy.

Could you please try my details in your calculator and see what comes up?

RFR: 39712
Parts 1
Montant 992,00

Hi Peter

I put your info into the simulator which comes up if you tap on the link at the top of this thread…

It tells us… sadly… that you will not be benefiting from the Tax d’Hab reductions being offered now, but that you will be assessed each year and any reductions will be applied as and when they become applicable…

Hi Stella and many thanks.

I did open the calculator but, although it accepted our data, it refused to chew on them juicily and spit out a result. Yours did, and the resultant gob was a mild disappointment but never mind: there’s some comfort in the idea that - from the fisc’s point of view - we are relatively wealthy pensioners. Less likely, maybe, to be given our marching orders if Brexit turns Anglo-French relations very sour.

We think we get value for money for our Td’H and like the old truism that you get what you pay for.