Taxe Foncière 2022 - Update

I just came back from a wonderful hike and was greeted by my 2022 Taxe Fonciere bill :woozy_face:

Last December I had an email exchange with someone from the local tax office and raised two points that I understood were reasons why my 2021 appeared too high, 1)the swimming pool that I have is currently unusable and b)the house area that they based the calculation on is higher than the actual area. Looking at today’s bill it seems they haven’t taken either of these points into account. I will visit the tax office tomorrow, but I assume they are able to issue revised bills if errors - has anyone had any experience of this??

And secondly, how do I set up a direct debit if I choose to pay monthly? And does this cost more than paying in one hit, or is it the same value?

Via the impots website for monthly - you can only set up next years now …it’s paid in advance and it’s same price …

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Ah ok, so the bill I’ve just received I’ll have to pay in full then - will take a look at the impots website, which I haven’t actually been onto yet, so that’ll be a another first :smiley:

If you pay on line (as we have just done) by providing your French Bank details (IBAN and account name) and in full, the date for payment will be extended by 10 days…
Worth remembering for next year if you wish to save up the payments in the meantime in advance of next years’ bill… Set up a Livret A account (or similar) and you will get interest on the savings and draw the funds to your main bank account when the bill becomes due.

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Every time I go on my Impot I TRY to set up “pay monthly” for the TF - BUT I need the Tax Reference in order to do this!

Sadly - when our TF arrives in a few days (with the Tax Number on it) we are ONLY meant to pay it ALL at once … so HOW do we get around this debacle?

Your tax reference number will be on your latest tax bill - it’s the same reference throughout - Impôt, Fonciere etc…

If you have set up an online account, log in to it and select the Paiements tab.

You will then see options to the right of


The first option is to subscribe to the scheme and the second option is to manage your direct debits.

Can you really claim a refund if your pool is unusable? If so how? Just write to them?
many thanks

I would guess that “if your pool is unusable” is somewhat subjective.

If it was totally uninstalled and filled in perhaps if its permanence was removed but just because its unfunctional, I somehow doubt it.

Well, I’ve written to the tax office and shared photos as I was advised to do previously, so fingers crossed. I said that if they wanted to visit to inspect they are more than welcome.

I agree Graham but thought as letsmile seems so confident thought I would look at it, I also need to find out if it’s been declared anyway as we were told qite a lot of porkies at the time we bought the house!

Anyone know if there is an easy way to do this? Looked at the TF but cannot see anything,

What I did was complete the form H1 from the local tax office, then declare what you have at the property. Very simple to complete and ensures you are fully legit :+1:


Look on your online account onglet biens mobiliers it’ll show you what’s declared ie house space garage loft cellar etc and swimming pool if declared

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The simple answer is you don’t - it’s how the system works.

Once you have all your numbers you set up your impots account. You can then arrange to pay next years by direct debit - you pay in advance not arrears using the monthly system.

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Im IN the system! What I did NOT realise is that when I ask to pay by direct debit (for the NEXT year) that the actual number they require is the number (i.e. our Tax No) that I have already entered in order to get into the system!!!

I (wrongly?) assumed that the “number” they wanted me to input was an “Invoice” number of the TF !!! I will now go back in and put our Tax No. (although we have 2 so I presume (as always) that it will be my husband’s Tax No that I put in!) How strange!

Not really strange if you think about it. There are two Déclarants typically in a foyer (there may be more of course) and each is entitled to their own privacy hence being given their own tax reference or TIN.
No different to bank accounts really. Our French bank accounts are entitled M ou Mme and there are accounts specific to my wife (Livret A, LDD, LEP for example) and statements for her are addressed separately.
But yes, to answer your specific question, in normal circumstances you would use the number for the 1st déclarant if that is the only online account you have set up.

check the hikes in TFoncière on this link…

I am wondering what the commune of Mantes-la-Jolie has to pay for that could possibly justify an increase of nearly 19%

Maybe extra police presence? Always seemed to be in the news.

Their citizens will doubtless know what’s what… these taxe percentages have to be voted-in somewhere along the line…

That’s useful, and at 3.4% looks as if it could have been worse for us!