Taxe foncière big reduction for house

Our house was completed and we occupied in April 2010. The size of the taxe foncière took us aback, but it seems that new houses do attract high TFs.
Over the years the TF increased, as you would expect, but then a couple of years ago it reduced. A lot. There was of course no explanation, just a sudden change in the monthly taking.
The drop coincided with me becoming over 75yo and I have always put it down to that. But the drop also coincided with 10 years after April 2010.
Anyone know which it is – being >75, or house >10yo ?

I want to know because the house is up for sale and potential purchasers have asked how much is the TF?

EDIT: just a thought… in many areas charges for “rubbish/dustbins” have been removed from the TF bill… “Ordures Menageres” thus the TF bill will be reduced by a tidy sum (but, of course, one pays the rubbish collection/disposal via a separate bill… aaargh)

(A quick look at our bills, can’t see anything age connected… )

If it’s not the Rubbish… then check further… you look at the breakdown of the TF bill… going down the lefthand column
Taux 2021 … %
Taux 2022 … %
Base: (important figure)

Cotisation: 2021
Cotisation: 2022
Variation: (+ or -) %

that will tell you if the property “value” has been lowered… in recent years

take a look across the bill, under the headings… and see if there are any major changes there…

Especially useful, if you’ve got the bills from 10 years ago… you can see at a glance if the
Base “value” has dropped since that first bill … sounds like it should stand out like a sore thumb…

(Perhaps your area has “revalued” properties… with some winners and some losers…???)

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If you have a low income then you are exonerated from taxe foncière over age 75. And all you pay is the rubbish charges.

€17,296 max income for a couple

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Years ago two new houses were built next to us as part of a new small village lotissement, our TF dropped over 50% the following year because of this. You can also get exonneration under 75 years if your circumstances are accepted by the fisc.