Taxe fonciere, d'habitation question please

Hello can anyone tell me of a website link where I can check what the amount of tax would be on a particular property in France, by using the address? Many thanks. David

Not sure that such information is available publicly online. For one reason, the taxe d’habitation is based in part on the personal tax obligations of the occupants, or the owners if property unoccupied. The taxe fonciere is based on surface area of the property including any land, with different rates for land with differing use categories.

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Hi David
I was going to say the same as Alex.
Property taxes are a complicated calculation - notional rental value, based on surface area, multiplied by a base rate that the commune resets each year. There are sites that tell you the base rates for communes across France, or the local tax office would tell you but I doubt they would tell you the actual bill for a specific property (unless you’re the owner).
The only way I can think of to find out the taxe foncière for a property is to ask the seller if they’ll let you see a copy of their bill.
This wouldn’t work for taxe d’habition though since as Alex said for full time residents/résidence principale it depends on income, so what the seller pays may be nothing like what you would pay.

This might help you get a broad idea