Taxe Foncière Direct Debit

Just had heart failure… until I realised that the DD for annual Taxe Foncière had gone through my bank account this morning …

I’m now emptying my small-change pot… before I can go shopping… :roll_eyes:

I’m seriously thinking of going over to monthly DD…


At least you didn’t put the money to cover it into the account that DGFP don’t take TF payments from…. Luckily, there was just enough in that to cover it.

Will have to conduct a steward’s enquiry into why I have DGFP taking money for different things from different accounts. I suspect I might have mis-RIB’d somewhere.

Such a mistake is easily done if you’ve more than the one account, but a darn nuisance when it does happen…

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I find the monthly deductions painless. Much better then writing a cheque.