Taxe Foncière/value for your property

It’s not been a gite for a long time now, but is classed as a separate dwelling, so bumps up the TF…tax office chap said to make it a part of the main house & reduce TF that way.
Would be more useful with a connecting door to the house kitchen, as, presently, it’s just full of stuff that has nowhere else to live

Oh Mick… that sort of action does annoy me… disagreeing with someone means staying and fighting “my corner”… in my view… rather than… walking away…

But, it happens here as well… one Maire (good chap) got in with his entire List bar one… and the one chap (from the other side)… only stayed on the Council for a couple of months.

He resigned, saying he was outnumbered, yet he was the local “expert” on a particular part of the Commune and his input was , in fact, greatly valued… (my view was that he had no idea how much time he would be expected to put-in as a Local Councillor… :thinking: )

Let’s hope your Maire gets chucked out next time…

We are on a lotissement with 12 property’s all built in 1991.
11 of the property have been either extended or a garage made into an extra room or both. EXCEPT ours.
The other 11 owners would have quite a shock if they received such a letter and visit. I would welcome it.

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Ah you suggesting that they have done work without getting the necessary permissions etc… :thinking::wink::wink::wink:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

TF is much cheaper than most people pay in Council Tax in U.K. - I have just had my bill for this year and it is about £1400 for a 2 bed flat.
My parents used to live nearby in a 4 bed bungalow and their Council Tax would have been £3500 for this year.

Hi Peter, perhaps I am naive here but why do you have to pay for your GP visits & prescriptions…do you not have a Carte Vitale as I understood that you cannot buy a Mutuelle without having the card. Not being nosy, but simply curious. We are Australians and also have to pay Prelevements Sociaux on our private pension and that is quite sizable on a modest pension. Are you perhaps non EU. I enjoy many of your regular posts.

Just wondering if some of Peter’s medication is not covered by the Social and therefore Mutuelle does not click in.

The other day, I collected a repeat prescription… with a couple of items added by my Doc for something “minor” which were NOT recognized by Soc… and those “something minor” items cost me 18€. Thankfully, all my regular medication is fully covered by Soc and Mut…

Fair enough, I pay the Doc up front… but it comes back all bar (I think) 1€.

Hi Graham, I’m happy to share my ten penny-worth! Yes we do have CVs, but we aren’t exempt from up-front payments of €25 to our Médecin Traitant, don’t ask me why, that seems to be the way it works. Even just to renew a routine prescription. Mind you, she is a gem!

We do get a partial refund direct into our bank accounts, I think it’s 60% or such, but it has changed recently, I think it used to be more.

I sought expert advice on a supplementary mutuelle after learning that admission to hospital was “free” to CV holders, but you were still expected to pay up-front to hire a bed, and for basic services, and that a four-day stay could cost over €1000.

I got advice from SFN’s expert insurance guru @fabien (based on a hypothetical situation where I fell and fractured my hip) and he recommended a good value mutuelle just in case. My wife was booked in to a local hospital for a day surgery recently and she was asked for an up-front sum for a day bed! The mutuelle card obviated that necessity.

As for prescriptions, we have to pay a part cost for everything. I recently had shingles and had to pay a tidy sum (€45) for a five day course of tablets and four tubes of antiviral cream. I hardly got any refund at all for that. Don’t ask me why, that seems to be how the cookie crumbles!

Good luck with your own health costs. BTW I am 80 and my wife is 75, so age confers no privileges, or so it would appear. :thinking::grinning:

The only medication I take is an oral antidepressant that I’ve been on for 15 years and the Dr won’t let me come off.

Your MT just hasn’t got the IT in place to join the “tiers payant” process, where you don’t have to pay the social security element upfront. But you end up with the same amount in your pocket, so you are not being disadvantaged …and yes the reimbursement has dropped recently.

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Does the Social pay for some of that then Peter… ?? I know that not all stuff is covered… just the luck of the draw perhaps…

That’s interesting Jane… I am not aware that some MT’s do not ask for payment upfront…

Of course, it may depend on the area. Certainly, around here folk always pay their Doc on the spot… (unless they are on Support)

We never paid the MT or the pneumologue or cardiologue or even the dentiste.

Nice to know the set-up was well organized for you Mandy… :hugs:

I should have said… OH never has to pay for anything connected with his life-threatening condition… (he does pay the dentist though )

Maybe it’s just because I have ALDs? I assumed it was a change in system as I haven’t paid anything for a while, and I’m sure I had an appointment unrelated to ALDs. I thought I read somewhere that tiers payant was being rolled out more widely - but maybe that’s the future.

Not sure what you mean by the ‘Social’, Stella.:thinking:

Hi Peter… mm… … I was using “shorthand”… as folk call it all sorts of things… basically, it’s the State Health Service.

When I get medication on prescription, from the pharmacy… they always do a printout (on the back) of what has been dispensed and prices, who pays what… so I can see what % the Social Santé pay and what is left for my Mutuelle to pay. Of course, only medication which is paid, at least partly, by SS will attract payment from my Mutuelle (aka Top-up).

However, there are prescribed medications which are NOT paid (even partially) by SS… therefore the person (ie me) has to fork out the cash (and my Mutuelle, of course, pays nothing).

I’m just wondering if your medication falls into the “not paid, even in part by SS” section…

Thanks, Stella. La brume s’enlève réellement et figurativement ce matin dans les vallées de la Sée!

I do get a rebate on my antidepressant, which is cheap anyway before the refund. The MT now makes out a prescription for two months which lightens the load. And she deserves her fee, she works singlehanded with no receptionist or clerical help, no nurse or any other person at all. She is one of two MTs for miles around in a huge commune with an elderly population.


Such Doctors are “pure gold”… :hugs: