Taxe fonciere

Hi, can anyone tell me if it is possible to check on-line if the taxe fonciere has been paid on a property? Thanks.

The Owner can check on-line… if a French Resident… via Mon espace particulier …

Thank you for your reply. We have asked the owner on a few occasions and he side steps the question!

Just a wee bit of the back ground. This is a property that I am buying straight from the owner. He has owned it for the previous seven years and has been unable to continue with the restoration due to personal circumstances. I will use a Notaire for the official transaction, but before we agree I must be sure that there are no outstanding taxes against the property.

Thanks again.

William… I am sending you a private message…:wink:

Stella, can I ask, I have a project in Tremons, 47140. This was a new build and because of my separation and untimely my divorce I was unable to continue with the building!

The building is up to roof height, drains, septic tank all in and now I have been told that I have lost the building permission.

Is there any way that I can get this permission back, and complete my project?

Thanks again, William.

Hi William… first of all… who has told you that you cannot finish the build ??..and how long has the project been standing idle ???

I’m off to school now (oh what joy :wink:) and won’t be back until later tonight… so get the info sorted and send me by PMessage if you prefer…:grin:

We bought a property from an English couple who had split up 3 years previously, very acrimoniously. They hadn’t paid the fonciere or habitation for the 3 years. However the Notaire knew that fact-having checked with the mairie and on completion of the sale the taxes were paid out of the monies we paid (the price we had agreed with the sellers) before the seller’s got their money from the Notaire. If you’re worried mention it to the Notaire and he/she will sort it.

Absolutely…the Notaire is always involved in sorting out what property taxes have been paid, or are due “for the current year” and how much, if any, of it needs to be paid by the Purchaser…

If the Seller has not paid previous years’ taxes… that is certainly something the Notaire should be aware of… and will deal with… the Purchaser is not liable for any of that.