Taxes on line

I bet this has been asked before! But, I believe that I now fill out the form for taxes online? If so, can any give me the www. link, homepage…
Thank you. John

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and create an account.

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Better get your skates on tho’, the final deadline was last week.

Hi John - you can’t file an online return for 2018 as the deadline has passed. You’ll need to pop down to your tax office and ask to complete a manual paper one. For next year (i.e. 2019 revenues) you’ll be ready to go with the link provided above by Graham.

I’m not sure that John has been here a full year yet (Jan - Dec)… but I may have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Whatever, as you so rightly say, Simon - he should go and talk things through at his local Tax Office.

If he he merely wanting to pay Tax d’Hab etc on line… that is a different angle.

Thank you, the three of you.
I will obviously have to go over to the office.
Something puzzles me. I found the last one I paid, Avis D’Impot 2018. Sent to me in August 2018 and to be paid by October 15th 2018. Is that it, will I recieving another this August?
Is there a choice as to whether to pay online or not?
Thank you, John

John… are you talking about Tax Foncière/Taxe D’Habitation by any chance ?? (Property Taxes - rather than Income Tax) :thinking:

I’ve a feeling they all need paying on-line/direct debit - but you can check at your Tax Office.

Are you in France or UK at present ??

It was Fonciere, I was wrong. Thanks for your help.

I posted some detailed notes on paying TdF and TdH on the gov website last year if you search the SF site.