Taxes: should annexe 2047 show up in the summary?

When I get to the end of my declaration, the annexe 2047 doesn’t show up on the summary whereas the declaration of bank accounts held abroad does. I’ve been through the whole thing and I get the page that says I’ve completed 2047. It just doesn’t show up in the annexe. Is this normal?

Bumping this question up the list!

I did mine for the first time online this year. I did all the relevant declarations, filled in the forms as they popped up, it told me when I’d finished and that was that. If you get to that stage, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I guess so, just found it surprising that it doesn’t show up in the summary whereas the declaration of foreign bank accounts does :man_shrugging:

Is that the list of bank accounts? I think there might be something about it disappearing into the system once entered and having to be deliberately retrieved by officialdom if required.

The reason I think this, is that I did my original list on paper on the correct form on my first declaration, which was required to be on paper. Since then I’ve continued to do on paper and when I receive it to complete each year, that form is never there. Luckily the contents of that form have never changed so I just add in a Comments field confirming no changes.

So it’s not too far a step to think that due to security or something, a specific action has to be taken by an official to retrieve a copy. Why not ask your Impôts, and let us know?

Sounds like you must be getting something different from me! I’ve just been onto the Impots website to check and on the Tableau de Bord page, under Mes événements, there is

"Déclaration en ligne des revenus 2023 (le 25/04/2024, à 12:44)

Afficher les documents liés"

Following this is -
“Avis de situation déclarative à l’impôt 2024 sur les revenus 2023 (le 25/04/2024, à 12:44)” (which is 2042, summarised)

When I click on “Afficher les documents liés”(thank for pointing this out @JaneJones ) I get
“Déclaration en ligne des revenus 2023 encaissés à l’étranger (le 25/04/2024, à 12:44)” which is the 2047.

After that is -
“Déclaration en ligne 2024 par un résident d’un compte bancaire, d’actifs numériques ou d’une assurance-vie à l’étranger (le 25/04/2024, à 12:44)” which is all the detail of the 3916(?)

Neither the bank accounts nor the 2047 are in the summary at the beginning.

This sounds so different from what you are seeing, I’m wondering where you are getting yours!