TBBC (The Bookworms Book Chain) I have several books by Patricia Cornwell, the first is called Post-Mortem. The book is about Dr Kay Scarpetta who is Chief Medical Examiner for Richmond, Virginia who tackles the problem of a serial killer and also tackles the fact that not everyone is pleased to see a woman in a powerful job.

Thanks Joanne and you are right lol Mappy has no idea where you are - lots of blank streets in Moux. Don't worry though I'll find you.

I should be with you around 14.30 on Thursday as the kids have soutien but if there is a change to that I'll let you know.

Looking forward to meeting you too. Hugs

No GPS but Mappy is great. Thursday afternoon?

That would be brilliant Joanne so long as I am not putting you out. You are the one working so let me know which day and time suits you best.

With feeding the kids etc. afternoons are better for me or weekends so long as you don't mind a gaggle of kids sat in the car outside your house!!

Let me know what's best for you (and an address or directions) and I'll be there.

Yay all excited now! Someone new to meet and books into the bargain ;o)


I love Kathy Reichs. I have her whole series of Tempe Brennan books. Only recently got into the TV series as it was hard to dissociate from the book characters but got there now.

Hi Joanne

It would be cheaper for me to come and pick them up since you are only about 40 minutes drive from me. Or we could meet up in Carcassonne for a coffee and do a handover?

think i may have them in paperback - did have the entire collection i shall have a look see if your interested - also if you like Patricia have you tried Kathy Reiches -( also the writer of bones tv series ) shes a lot better and knows her stuff theyre about a forensic anthropologist


Hi Joanne,

I suspect it may be cheaper to post them together. If you weigh them and let me know the weight, I'll add a bit for the packaging and check out the Colissimo costs for you.

Hi Joanne

Would you have The Last Precinct, Blow Fly or Trace?