Tea in the teapot

If your looking for a day out and a great place to eat this is the place to go.

Great cakes, great staff and they also host many things like Soap making courses, bath bombs, artists days and many more things.

I love the random cakes they come up with too Toblerone cake, jaffa cake cake to name 2 ive personally enjoyed and their scones are the best. Their ploughman’s too is massive and tasty.

They are currently taking orders for Easter Simnel Cake which i cannot wait to try


Who built it?
Wonderful, novel and I hope that it works really well.

if you go to the teapot website the history of it is all there.

@Martin_Cooper I did not list it as restaurant review for a reason as its more to promote all they do such as vitage clothing, courses etc. Thanks for the edit though. Restaurant review limits it a bit.

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Apologies and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: