Teaching dogs a trick or two

When I got home last night I flipped on the TV and started the usual race through the channels with the remote control.

I don't receive British TV and that usually means I'm pretty much out of touch with a lot of popular culture back in the UK.

Last night though I had a little glimpse of it.

It came during "La France a un incroyable talent, ça continue", the imaginatively-named follow-up to "La France a un incroyable talent" which is of course the French equivalent of "Britain's got talent".

And as I was gazing mindlessly at the screen, sipping my tea, up popped this year's winner of the UK show and all I can say is...it made me smile.

Apologies if it has already been posted somewhere here on SFN, but hey. It's worth sharing.

Somehow I don't think my lot will be anywhere near Pudsey's standards.

This was apparently the audition.

What a brilliant routine and clever Pudsey!! Now, what are the chances of teaching my two to do, well, anything really... hmmm.