Teaching For UK School But Live in France

A friend of ours living here has been offered a ‘remote learning’ position by a UK school and wants to know how he stands regarding tax etc. With his wife he already has a business running a gite but bookings have fallen off a cliff so he’s thinking about going back to teaching.

Any ideas?

He needs to read this…


(I may have to eat my proverbial hat, but so far we are having just about our best gîte year ever… do they target the French market?)

It’s complex Tim. I presume your friend is tax resident in France and that the UK school has no presence in France? If they do then the simplest is for them to employ him here and to cross-charge the UK entity. If they don’t then it’s messy for all concerned, and professional advice is a must. In a past life I’d staff abroad and worked abroad myself so I’ve had the best advice from the employer AND the employee perspective from PWC and KPMG. It’s tricky.

Exactly John. I didn’t think it would be simple and this may put off the school from employing him.

In a previous life I worked for KPMG. :smile:

Ahh, KPMG were our tax advisors and PWC our auditors. My daughter’s best pal from school’s dad was a partner in KPMG’s consulting wing (Bearing point as is now). Small World eh?


Great link!