Teaching French in South Brittany: good idea?

Hello all,

I am a bit of a fraud here. I am French, but I have lived many years in the UK, mostly Scotland now.

I have also tried on two occasions to start a new life of my own, knowing not a soul and arriving with no job, no flat and totally on my own, to South West France, twice. Twice I missed the UK, mostly Scotland and also after a culture shock of re adapting to my people AND the South French (I m from Paris originally), I slowly realised that not much was happening in my life apart from enjoying a long holiday feeling, being half of the time unemployed, and meeting few people… Or rather, never moving to the friend stage. Like being invited to a garden while the French ‘friend’ closes all the doors and shutters of her house in a rush in case I peek inside.

Anyhow, I moved back to soggy cold Scotland, which I never thought would happen again after driving away in ecstasy from it with pets and suitcases in the car heading for blue skies and mountains…

I am now once again thinking of that risky emigration. But not the South. O NO, this time, I would like possibly Brittany. I dont need the 40 degrees summers of the South, nor its parched earth nor… Well I prefer not to list details of the solid incompatibility between the mediterraneans and myself.

So my plan is, since I am a university and a private French tutor here, to be a French tutor in Brittany. Privately and a Language school tutor too if that is possible.

My question is therefore: do you think, those of you who live in that area, that there would be a demand for French lessons ?

I am thinking possibly Vannes… Or Rennes.

Thank you.

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Hi Tess,
We’ve lived in Brittany for 5 years now and would recommend it to anyone - especially if you also like Scotland. We came here to central Brittany from Northumberland - actually just south of the Scottish border - and we find the landscape and peace in the countryside very like the remoter parts of northern England and Scotland - but with much better weather! The friendliness of the people is also comparable, but with even stronger local communities.
As to your main question I’m only guessing really - but looking at your post I guess you could teach both English and French. There is certainly demand in central Brittany for English-speaking-French-teachers in both schools and privately - I know of one case where a school had difficulty finding special language assistance for new arrivals from the UK, and more generally there are a lot of immigrants in Brittany from the UK who pay for private French lessons. My guess is that Vannes would be a slightly better choice than Rennes.

Thank you Geoff !

If these schools for their own reasons want a French native to teach English, I m all ears too :slight_smile:

Yes hopefully there will be enough UK immigrants (funny choice of word ! Not ‘expats’ ’ :slight_smile: ) looking for French tutors. Ah I wish I was there already ! I was going to say ‘you have no idea but here in Scotland, the weather…’ when I remember you saying about being from Northumberland. Or not far. Sorry I m typing from my phone and cannot check your post again. So here in Scotland, Glasgow, I NEVER SAW the summer ! Just to make all British people here reading this post, (who at least partly left the UK for the weather) chuckle: in the morning I put the heating on and in the evening too !! In August ! I wear jumpers and jackets and am looking to replace my shoes that gave in to the constant rain.

Vannes is more attractive than Rennes as far as Nature is concerned. I remember the Golf du Morbihan well, its emerald (at least in July when I visited a few years ago) sea water, its sailing boats and the breathtaking Quiberon ! But I worry a bit about being lonely in a a small town. I am a city person, who needs wild nature too…