Technical solution for dealing with nuisance calls

I know this has been discussed lots of times but usually the suggestions proffered involve swearing, whistle blowing etc. but I was wondering if there are any gizzmos out there which might solve the problem. We are on the ‘list d’oppossition’ to these calls but it makes no difference.

Geoff, I use one of these in the UK. Works perfectly. Essentially it won@t let a call through from anyone outside your list of callers (whic i imported from phone via bluetooth). anyone else has to announce themselves and the truc then rings you while caller on line asking if you want to accept the call.

Maybe something similar available in France

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thanks Stevie - but we run a b&b - need I say more !

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I know this isn’t a technical solution but I handle nuisance calls by telling the caller that they need to speak with my dad, I’ll just go and fetch him. When I come back to the phone some time later they’ve always hung up.


Two people were going around our commune trying to sell us insulation!