Teflon Tories

What a great time to be a Tory :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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This is truly disgusting.


It’s beyond disgusting. It is the Tories saying “Anything goes, if it happens to be against the rules, we’ll change the rules”.



“The party of law and order” :roll_eyes:


Just heard that the government has made another U turn - they have realised they need full parliamentary approval


Testing the water and moving the Overton window again it seems.

This  time they had to back down but they will be confident that the episode has blunted public opinion just a little bit more.

There were many Tories who voted against the three line whip, so I can see Owen Patterson being suspended and probably facing a by-election.
Having said that, it does seem unjust that you cannot speak in your own defence and there is no appeal system in place.
However, the time to alter that is after all party consultation.

He has now resigned.

Not sure I’d call the 13 Tories who voted against “many” - not compared with the very large number of abstentions.

It has all been a very sordid business.

Well if you want to keep destroying teflon you just have to turn up the heat. Problem is you have to go through a toxic phase, is that where we are?

There were many Conservative MPs who abstained but it was because they were “paired” with MPs from other parties who were unable to vote - either because they’re self-isolating due to Covid, they weren’t in Westminster, etc… The Leader of the House (JRM) has prevented remote voting. There were very few rebels, sadly.

I think the Daily Mail front page suggests Johnson’s tenure may soon be coming to an end. When the right-wing press turns against a PM then it usually means their days are numbered.

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It seems that the Tories main skill at the moment is moving the bar even lower when you thought it was already at rock bottom.

I keep telling myself there is a point at which the country will wake up and smell the coffee but I’m slowly losing faith on that one.


Worth remembering that only about a quarter of the UK electorate voted for them even when they gained their current majority - and many of those have surely now realised their mistake.

That’s the trouble - not nearly enough have done so.

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