I want to sign up to a Télépéage provider. I would welcome any advice from people. We travel to England about 5 times a year, so it is somewhere between occasional and frequent. How about Vinci? What is their service like? please let me know.

We have had one for over a year and well worth it. I'd echo all the comments above, especially those about zapping through the peage passing those who have just passed you. You don't have to be French resident either - we have it linked to our UK address and they take the cash directly from our UK bank, but we are in the process of changing it to French address/French bank. The initial sign-up, incidentally was done on line.

I had mine from SANEF which operates the motorways south from Calais, originally from France which took the money from my French bank account but later from their UK subsidiary, which takes money from a UK bank account. We should note that you have to pay for the convenience of the badge, about €30 a year but I think well worth it, especially if you’re driving a right hand drive car on your own.

It’s been mentioned that you can use the badge on all French motorways and bridges but also in some car parks too (although I never figured how that worked)

The APRR.FR monthly charge is slightly less if you opt for the electronic bill and they do not charge for the months that you do not use the badge. I don't believe that this is the case for all the service providers. Since taking out my subscription some 10 years ago, I have moved out of the Rhone area and I was not obliged to change provider.

Once you have the 'key', which you put behind the windscreen, you are covered for all the motorways in France, including all the toll-bridges that are off the motorway network, such as the Pont de Tanqueville and the Pont de Normandie. You have to have a French bank account as they debit you monthly. Vinci charge two euros per month management fee. No bank account and it is not possible. As has been pointed out, look for the 'espace clients' little office at the peages. That is where you can get signed-up.


We've got the" pass Liber-t" ,got it from the aprr.fr web site. It's very practical, easy to use, same conditions as Chris Knox-Johnston and i agree, so cool to go straight through the péages!!

We are with Vinci and the system is very simple. We got ours from an office right by an entrance to the motorway.

They invoice once a month and take from your bank account (we gave them a rib.)

We also get one to our children just before they come over or go back so they do not have to pay and use the bank of Mum and Dad!

The best bit is when you arrive at the payage and the car that has just sped past you is struggling to find the right money and I can go straight though and the other car has to pass me all over again!