Telephone Services

I suppose I am asking for advise. Our telephone and internet service (or lack of) is with FREE. Normally once a month we lose service at some stage or another. We have had no service now for 4 weeks. getting through to Free's non Customer Service department is a nightmare. It is free when you phone from a Free line.. a bit difficult when it does not work. every time I call on my mobile it costs me 5 to 10 €. If they tell me one more time that they are going to get the line tested - it has been tested more times than an Olympic athlete- I will go mad. We have changed leads, boxes etc. You cannot communicate by email to them- I can do it from work, if I could. Basically I am getting nowhere fast. I would like to find the phone number or email of their CEO if I could or some other organisation that can help me. Their customer service dept find it hard to understand that, yes, I am pleased they will reimburse me for the time I do not have a phone, but I do not want the money.... I want the service. The final screw that could turn me into a murderer is when the agent ends our call with "Thank you for having "confiance" in FREE". HELP! PS AVOID FREE- USE SOMEONE ELSE

Their CEO is Xavier Niel, he lives in Paris...difficult to find an email address...and only one telephone number comes up in Paris for that could be right person or not! I had exactly the same problem with France Telecom..and absolutely feel for you...we were without a phone or broadband for 6 months...I was reduced to sitting in their Perpignan office with my food for the day trying to be a nuisance so they would instal my line!!!! Our first 6 months in France...first xmas and new year...and no contact with our family and kids...I too could have done physical damage to someone!

The phone number may not be for the correct Ms. Niel...but the one I have is 01 43 31 20 92

This is his facebook page..... Am sure this is the CEO of as I checked his photo. So maybe private message him. dont appear to have a facebook page of their own, a shame as its magic if you are having probs with an organisation to paste on their page all the problems...and how they have let you down...they tend to call you pretty quickly. Have checked online and they have a pretty decent reputation compared to maybe you will get lucky soon and get sorted.