Temporary carte gris

I am currently going through the lengthy process of putting my English car onto French plates. Does anyone know if I can get French car insurance with a temporary carte gris?

Thanks everyone, all sorted now, just a bit lighter in the wallet department.

They have stopped issuing temporay CG's round here the real one arrives by registered post about 2 days after, but there should be no reason why the insurance company wont insure it. If I insure a UK reg car I have one month to register it, if I insure a french motor they dont care I think it took me 3 moths to take the new reg doc to the insurer last time I kept forgetting

I can point you to a broker in England who specialises in insuring cars going abroad for long periods. If you have a UK address you can get 12 months cover throughout Europe. Not too pricey when I used his services 18 months ago, insuring the car we were bringing with us until we got a Carte Gris. Then when we did get the French plates and French insurance he gave us a rebate on the remaining months. Email Stuart Collins at :

or visit his website at http://www.stuartcollins.com/