Temporary solution for S1


This may be a strange question but my wife is entitled to an S1 as my family member. Her eligibility, and mine has been confirmed by the Overseas Healthcare Team. OHT

I have my carte vitale and am in the system.

My wife moved over here to become resident 7 months after myself due to medical treatment. She received an S1 from Nhsbsa, after they took over from DWP.
All went in to CPAM with the dossier (sept 18), in Nov, 2018 CPAM told us she had the wrong S1, we didn’t notice as we’re not the issuing authority.
We contacted OHT immediately to report this and try to get the correct form. Lots of calls and e-mails ensued with little success.
Then after complaining we received another S1, sent in to CPAM immediately, after a week we were again informed it was incorrect, it showed my wife as a family member of the insured, mine has me as a pensioner.
OHT contacted and after weeks of wrangling it turns out the problem is due to them changing departments and the computer needs an update to make our S1s match.

They have said that my wife can just use the Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC), for the EHIC, until her real S1 arrives. I explained that she has an EHIC (for which the PRC is an emergency replacement) and they repeated that the PRC can be used, and it doesn’t just apply to temporary visitors and holiday makers. And the practicality of the PRC don’t work for residents, due to the need for mutuelle etc.
I read the UK and EU sites re EHIC and PRC, and the laws seem to all relate to non residents.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or heard of similar?

We still await the correct S1(s)…