Ten Reasons Why You Should Advertise On SFN

1. If you are running a business which targets the English speaking community, then SFN has thousands of members and thousands more visitors.

2. SFN rates highly with search engines and Google. According to Alexa (owned by Amazon), SFN is in the top 100,000 sites WORLDWIDE. You can also use Alexa to compare statistics from different sites.

3. Having your link on SFN will help with SEO for your site. SFN is ranked highly by Google so advertising on SFN will increase traffic to your site. This only applies to links that are posted by SFN (i.e. on behalf of paid for advertisers) - all other links are not followed or indexed by search engines.

4. Being an advertiser on SFN means that you get to blog about your business or service. Active engagement like this is a much more effective way of reaching your target market.

5. We regularly promote our advertisers on other social media platforms. Our Facebook page has many thousands of fans and posts frequently attract huge page impressions.

6. People prefer doing business with an individual. They want to put a face and a name to the transaction. Our real names policy means that SFN is uniquely placed to help you grow your business. Advertising on SFN will associate you with the SFN brand and demonstrate to your clients that you share the SFN values of honesty and integrity.

7. Many of our advertisers are SFN members. This creates a trusting community and means that people are more likely to do business with you.

8. Your personal profile page is an open channel to all potential customers. You can add testimonials, images, video - whatever you like.

9. All art work and design elements of your advert can be taken care of for you by the SFN team - at very reasonable rates.

10. And last but not least - by becoming an advertiser, you have access to the SFN for Advertisers group where you can connect with other business people and discuss issues, problems and triumphs!