Tena pads for dogs

I wish there was such a thing ,our 9 year old Old English Sheepdog has now started to leave little puddles where she has lain not everytime i add, before rushing down to the vets for medication is there anything on the market we can give her the average for an OES is 10 years so while she is fit and reasonably healthy we want to give her a quality of life

Hi John,

So sorry to hear she's suffering like that. Here's a UK company which provides washable (therefore reusable) nappies. They're not cheap but a couple in rotation may prove cheaper than medication in the long-run. Could be worth a look anyway. http://www.dog-nappy.co.uk/

I worked with the OES rescue for over 30 years back in the uk we have 4 at the moment Lucy who is deaf Harry who was going to be put to sleep because the owner couldnt house train him luckily the vet rang me after refusing to do the deed within a week he was trained it was the owner who should have been put to sleep and Barney and Molly who we had as pups, why oh why do people have dogs when they are obviously incapable of looking after themselves never mind a dog

No not really will have to be a vet visit, dont think she has an infection just age catching up, poor girl had a rough start in life 4 owners in 12 months none realising she was deaf beaten as she would not obey commands she couldnt hear what with her deafnes almost blind but we managed to save her sight, we are just outside Labrespy

Hi Julie we live up a mountain nr Mazamet close to you by any chance