Terestrial french TV - hase something changed?

Has something changed in the broadcsting of french TV?

I don't mean the change to digital a few years ago, but has something changed in the last few months?

I don't watch TV so it may have passed me by - but a b&b guest wanted to watch tv and I found that the tv no longer could get a signal. Also just yesterday, on of our gite guests had the same problem. (different tv's but same aeriel).

A third tv (much more recent model works fine.

I am wondering if something has changed and requires a newer aeriel. - but why the new tv works, I do not know.

Yup, things changed in April. See http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/french-tv-hd-box

So, old TVs will need a TNT HD decoder. Even supermarkets sell them (though shelves can quickly empty upon high demand). Or you can get 'em online, e.g. https://www.amazon.fr/Thomson-THT-504-PLUS-Tuner/dp/B00U7640P8

thanks for that Crosbie.

It seems like not that long ago I had to buy a couple of set top boxes when they changed to digital - now it would seem I have to do the same thing again.



Such is progress. 405->625, Valves->Transistors, B&W->Colour, Analogue->Digital, LD->HD, Broadcast->Internet, x264->x265, etc.

Conversely, people devolve in the other direction, from readers to listeners to viewers to couch potatoes to socially networked vegetables to matrix immersed zombies. ;-)

you got it on one Crosbie - although perhaps I am even somewhere between the 'matrix immered zombie and your ;)'

(pity my b&b guests aren't - then I would not have to give them zombie tv !