Term time tenants

(Miranda Duffy) #1

Hi, this is my first post!
This maybe wishful thinking but has anyone ever managed to find a term-time or off season tenant? we had the perfect set up for years, a tenant who was prepared to move out when we needed the house during the summer. However he’s moved on. I was wondering about teachers and whether they ever needed a term time set up?
Anyone had any luck with this? Thanks

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(stella wood) #2

Hello Miranda and Welcome to the Forum…

Hopefully someone will chime in with some ideas/info…

Just a thought… how about asking at the School and the Mairie… both might prove useful contacts.

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(Miranda Duffy) #3

Great idea. Thanks Stella


(Kerry Ayers) #4

Hi, where are you based? When you say term time do you mean you want the tennant to move out for all school holidays?


(Miranda Duffy) #5

Better late than never! Sorry for taking ages to reply. We’ve had a terrible few months with the house (new roof! gulp).
Yes, I know it sounds really unlikely but we’d love a tenant who left the property during the school hols. Wishful thinking, maybe.


(Miranda Duffy) #6

Oh, we’re near Le Vigan in the Cevennes.


(stella wood) #7

Miranda… if you ask at your Mairie… maybe the local school/college have staff who “go home” in the holidays (or part of)… a long shot… but the Mairie generally gets to hear about who is searching for what…so you’ve nothing to lose by asking…