Termite dilemma

I’m sound boarding here so any suggestions would be helpful.

I’ve just completed a 3 day training course termite diagnostic(er) for Estate Agents which cost a lot of money. I have the competence to diagnose and diploma to treat. The Exams and certification costs a further 750€ (very confident of passing). When diplomed I will be able to offer legal diagnosis of termites, valid for 6 months for Actes de vente. However If I officially diagnose with positive results, according to French law - conflict of interest, it would be illegal for me to treat the termites.

If I do not take the diploma, I can diagnose and treat termites but not using official AFNOR legal Stationary or offer diagnosis for Immobiliers.

So, is there a demand for a diagnostiqueur termites or shall I remain undiplomed but able to treat?
Depending on the départment, diagnosis of lead, electricity, gas, asbestos energy and termites are required. I will be specialising exclusively on diagnosing termites and not the rest.

It’s a toughy, so any thoughts would be appreciated!

I guess it depends on which one you would enjoy most doing or which one is the most profitable.

Given you have to have the diagnostic done six months before the signing of the AdV and also the areas that are prone to termites it takes longer to sell a property I would think that you would make more money being a diagnostic (er).

I guess also treating places would involve insurance and guarantees and quite possibly a few headaches.

Where we live the biggest problem is Asian Hornets. We paid 80 euros for 30 mins work and he said he appointments all day. Kerching !!! But I guess with termites, it would take longer to treat.

So, diagnostics for me.

Hi Mark
Thanks for the email, yup I’m thinking of going for it regardless. A diplôme is always handy.

80€ for asian hornets is a good price, I charge 85€ht, most done in a day was 13. Kerching as you say! Here’s a vid of me with Mike Dilger for BBC One Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VApJ3bYRaPE&t=76s


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I quite like Asian hornets. They are pretty harmless I think. Ok I don’t want them nesting in the roof of my house but out and about in the garden they are actually quite friendly. I have grown quite attached to them.

OK, decision made, thanks for the input. Not taking the exams!

Most diagnostic companies offer a one stop shop, diagnosing electricity, gas, asbestos, lead etc. including termites.

I would be breaking the law if I diagnosed and treated termites. Although termites have been found in the Cher it is not a legal requirement to have a diagnosis. The owner has an obligation to inform their Mairie, it’s not for me to dob you in.

So, I will stick with treating nuisibles, and diagnosis of xylophages, but not do the diagnostiques immobilier. It was a very useful course though and I’ve a better understanding of what’s chomping away at your house!

By the way, if you’ve got an understanding of building/electricity/gas etc, and you speeka da lingo, there’s money out there if you want to complete all the modules. It’s not cheap though; 800€ for the training and 760€ for the exams and monitoring: Energy rating, gas, electricity, lead, asbestos and termites, (9,360€) but you earn between 300 and 450€ per diagnosis (each module). You must do a minimum of 5 diagnosis per year otherwise you’ll lose your certificate. Diploma is only valid for 5 years.

I used http://odi-formation.fr/formations/diagnostic-immobilier/ based in Mérignac, next to Bordeaux Airport



Seems a sound financial decision… glad you will be continuing to sort out the Asiatic Hornets… they have devastated the local Bee population in recent years…and they are nasty beggars for us humans too…:fearful:

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