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HELP! we have a little internet shop selling dance music... part of the deal is potential buyers can listen to a short sample of what we're selling. BUT... it's not working (we think) our host and web designer person says it's all groovy, but testing it at home and in the local internet cafe, the first 10 (or so) tracks of each section seem grand with sometimes a second or two delay before they play BUT after that nothing much works...

for example


is it our router not updating? is it the host of the samples? please - would you all have a little go and report back - can you hear samples? the ones at the bottom of the list as well as the ones at the top?

x teresa - thanks!

j&c - tis not a publicity stunt... i doubt ANYONE on SFN would ever be interested in buying or publicising what is, to be honest, horrid, nasty, dance music - and if they did we'd probably give it them for free x

Thanks folks for your answers and your time.

It seems its working well enough for us to continue with it though our router could be the problem our end.Its an orange livebox and i dont know how to clear the cache on it.

But for now we can start cutting and adding the 6000 odd samples for the mixes we have up and by then we might have the other 20000 odd mixes ready, and by then......

Thanks again folks really appreciated


Works well here (Mac OS & Firefox) after a bit of a delay to begin with. In fact, once you get going it loads very quickly and you can even play two or three tracks at once if you feel inclined! I really quite like it :-)

Nothing on the Roskilde page (for example, didn't check all of them but was interested in that one) and the 'listen' links aren't there on pages if one arrives from the search menu, but I assume that's because it's still a work in progress...

HTH, good luck with it, Heather

I tried 4 tracks that all played OK (I think, difficult to tell with that sort of "music" ) but after about an 8-10 second delay. This was on Windows7 using FF 13.0.1 Content seemed to be being streamed from littlebrowndog.co.uk


Tested here with Ubuntu Linux 12.04, and Firefox 13 - all tracks work fine.

What browser are you using? Do you have an intermediate router/modem that caches content?

What PC/operating system are you using to test?

It really depends on where the content is being stored, if it is coming from the origin host server , it could be that it gets very busy, and struggles to cope. The designers of the site might be using a CDN, which may well need the content to propagate , which could also cause an initial delay.

Try another browser , and see what results you get with that.

Thanks for checking it out Ian,

it was done for us and as I understand is done to across all platforms.I upload an mp3 and an ogg sample to the server and put a flag on the database to say sample included.

At ours the first ten play straight off but the ones down below do nothing, I must try leaving one for a couple of minutes.Though clicking on any of the track names and going to the product page the sample there plays more or less straight away.

The fella who did it for us said it works on his but ive had problems with it ,hence asking you guys for assistance.Ive currently 6336 samples to do just to get up to date so i want to make sure before i start.

Thanks again

Tony on Teresa's account

Chez moi the tracks all work, both top and bottom of the list; but only after a long delay (several minutes) during which the whole track sample is downloaded. You need a "streaming" player rather than a "download and play" player.