Back to texting: I really like: CAD// tabitou// tjs//MDR// Biz...

I am preparing a bilingual page on my website on this topic and will uplaod it later this week. Visit it if interested.

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mr6= merci , a little far-fetched but that's how texting can be...

à +!

Is it short for "petit" something (frise maybe) or a word in its own right...?

Merci Josette, mais qu’est-ce que mr6??

Thank you Hilary. :)

Aussi: Tt (t'étais) et savapa (ça ne va pas) et mr6 .

Collecting more of these, even though I'm not texting - my younger French friends on Facebook (mostly former pupils) use them all the time! here's the latest:

ct = c'était = it was

" tif" is a slang word for " hair" in French.

No idea Wendy! It's in Wiktionnaire - marked as 'argot' - slang.

Just looked at my post above and think I ought to stick to learning French instead of writing English!


Why “taf”? I’ve often wondered why old fashioned hairdressers are called something “tif” or “tif” something, eg “tiflady”

My latetest aquisition: taf = boulot = travail = work

- Hilary

PTDR ( pété de rire//ROFLMAO=>rolling on the floor laughing…)

Tabitou = tu habites où? = where do you live?

Biz = bises = kisses

Tjs = toujours = still/always

I'm sure Josette will correct me if I'm wrong! I think I've seen PTDR too....not sure what that is apart from similar to mdr...


looked here for clues on your texting - only one I know is MDR mort(e) de rire (dying/dead from laughing)- could you shed some light (pourriez-vous éclarcir ?) please Josette?


- Hilary

PS just 'got' CAD cet à dire?? (that's to say)