(josette martin) #1

Back to texting: I really like: CAD// tabitou// tjs//MDR// Biz...

I am preparing a bilingual page on my website on this topic and will uplaod it later this week. Visit it if interested.

wwwcevenneslangues.com//bilingual corner

(josette martin) #2

mr6= merci , a little far-fetched but that's how texting can be...

à +!

(Wendy Wise) #3

Is it short for "petit" something (frise maybe) or a word in its own right...?

(Hilary Newhall) #4

Merci Josette, mais qu’est-ce que mr6??

(josette martin) #5

Thank you Hilary. :)

Aussi: Tt (t'étais) et savapa (ça ne va pas) et mr6 .

(Hilary Newhall) #6

Collecting more of these, even though I'm not texting - my younger French friends on Facebook (mostly former pupils) use them all the time! here's the latest:

ct = c'était = it was

(josette martin) #7

" tif" is a slang word for " hair" in French.

(Hilary Newhall) #8

No idea Wendy! It's in Wiktionnaire - marked as 'argot' - slang.

Just looked at my post above and think I ought to stick to learning French instead of writing English!


(Wendy Wise) #9

Why “taf”? I’ve often wondered why old fashioned hairdressers are called something “tif” or “tif” something, eg “tiflady”

(Hilary Newhall) #10

My latetest aquisition: taf = boulot = travail = work

- Hilary

(josette martin) #11

PTDR ( pété de rire//ROFLMAO=>rolling on the floor laughing…)

(Wendy Wise) #12

Tabitou = tu habites où? = where do you live?

Biz = bises = kisses

Tjs = toujours = still/always

I'm sure Josette will correct me if I'm wrong! I think I've seen PTDR too....not sure what that is apart from similar to mdr...

(Hilary Newhall) #13


looked here for clues on your texting - only one I know is MDR mort(e) de rire (dying/dead from laughing)- could you shed some light (pourriez-vous éclarcir ?) please Josette?


- Hilary

PS just 'got' CAD cet à dire?? (that's to say)