Wonderful, over the top graphics and colours.
This one is of a can of paint before I stirred it.

Very quickly taken 10 minutes ago, that’s my excuse.

Part of an old shepherds hut up in the Pyrenees.

and an old boat

Where did I take this?

Hi Richard, great colors on the first and love the textures bottom right corner on the second. this is radiator grill on our neighbours’ old tree mover.

Linda, you have to suffer for your art


All soft and curly

Tractor tyre tracks are often too wet to study! Here’s my attempt flat on my belly on a dry day!

Interesting how, without any reference point, our brains struggle to make sense of the scale. Bit like photos from the surface of Mars and the moon.

Luverly stuff. Here’s a salty one from Mersea Island, Essex.

one from Mersea Island, Essex.

Some Shots taken at a shipyard in Iceland.

Rocks below the fort at Socoa.

Fabulous colours.

One hell of a roof!

Nice. (as usual)

Dedicated eccentrics!!

Nothing, I just placed the ball on the green.

That’s what I had to do for the golf ball, ground was a bit damp.