Thank goodness MOST of the dogs were saved

I am not so sure that my day will be good.

I feel sadder than sad when I here of ill treatment of dogs

and cats.

But thank goodness that hundreds of caged dogs were set free by

animal rights activists in China. These maltreated dogs were destined

as dinner provisions in restaurants.

I am always a little unsure of making friends with people who do

not like animals and even people who are unable to appreciate how special

our relationships are with other creatures.

Trust and love is wonderful and when it comes from an animal it is fanatstic...

We met Grizzle just before we brought the artisans into Clos des

Saveurs and he decided that we were his friends and our HOUSE his was his too.

He showed us that had been adopted and was always around to greet the men at work each day, happily

accepting their affection.

ah well time to prepare breakfast for the furry family.