Thank you all

I owe a big thank you to some of you who have provided invaluable advice during my recent run of crisis.

I have the computer working and my work salvaged thanks to @graham and @anon88169868 , I have my internet back on, on Lebara as one of you kindly suggested. I’ve been able to rebook my journey after it was cancelled at short notice, and I’ve survived being kept prisoner by the mad roadworks, thanks to your sympathy. What a busy time it has been. I would write a book about it, only there are plenty of books about mad Brits in France.
Thank you all. And I’m not leaving France forever, no way! No other place has sky this colour! :grin:


@UKfloatedaway All the very best Annajayne in whatever your next adventure is. Hope this next phase of your life is a little more tranquil. Sue

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It’s been a pleasure AJ
Hope to see you again on here from time to time. I have to say you did exercise an old man’s grey matter a few times (and luckily there was only a little hair to pull out in the first place) :flushed: :grin:


Haha, I exist to baffle people, I’m sure. Many thanks Graham, and I will be around on the site to keep up with current topics and think about France and ask daft questions. I’ve loved France since I was a youngster in the channel islands and we used to sail over for weekends. I will be back one day, that’s for sure.

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Thanks Sue. It would be nice to think life might be more tranquil but I’m one of those chaotic people, I think. I’ll still be around on the site and I’ll be back eventually, hopefully with better fortune, to have a home or second home of my own in France.

Bon courage !

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A lot of times when I reply to someone on here, the post doesn’t register as a reply, which is a bit embarrassing. And I do actually reply to the posts directly.

And did you sort the car out, Annajayne?

Not yet, no, thanks for asking.

So far so good :slightly_smiling_face:

Bon chance…

Merci. So far so good, sometimes it’s good to do something different.

In S Africa, people just say, “Go well!” Hope it all goes well for you.

Thanks. I remember ‘Go Well’. So far so good.