Thank you for having me!


New to this forum but have owned property in France for over 10 years and actively planning retirement and spending much more time in France.

Interested in all things wildlife, eco and outdoors.

Looking forward to joining in the discussions.


Hello Fiona, where are you?
I am in the Clunysois of southern Burgundy.

Welcome down the rabbit-hole to our digital Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! It’s very ecologically rich down here, and the fauna diverse. We like snuffling, scratching and squeaking comme il faut. :hugs::smiley:

We split our time between the Ardèche, Briançon and Surrey. Can’t wait to spend Cristmas in the Alps. We are watching the snow forecast and webcams :grin:

I don’t think there was snow for Christmas last year, but it made up for it later on.

The webcams are looking promising at the moment, but what will be, will be :snowflake: