Thank you James and Catharine

As the end of 2011 is in sight, I would like to thank James and Catharine for putting some faith back into me about Anglo-French forums.

A lot of thought has gone into this site and it is very user friendly. There have been some hot debates, which is very healthy as I am sure we all have gained something from many of them.

The advice give by many members has been second to none and I am sure it has helped guide many people through the intricacies of living in France.

Ronald Birks has even decided to become an AE, which of course mean he will not have time to post so much, or maybe he will post even more! Good luck Ron.

The new Tomato Sauce topic could be a hot one, but personally I prefer HP.

A few dummies have been thrown out of the pram, but this can sometimes be put down to people getting the wrong end of the stick, which tends to happen in many debates, but it always ends on friendly terms.

All in all a great site and I am sure it will be even more popular in 2012.

Have a relaxing Christmas James and Catharine, and try to have a break for the PC on Christmas day at least.

....may I say absolutely ditto to the above as well....all the best for 2012, it might very well not be as gloomy as a lot of people on the planet of ours would like to paint it.... :)

PS! A little late, but have been more or less horizontal all Christmas, and could just about taste my hot spicy soup last night..... :(

Brill, Steve! Totally echo that & on a personal note, thank you James and Catharine for keeping me sane when I needed help the most!

Joyeux Noel et bonne annee pour 2012!

And a computer DOES have an OFF button!

Three cheers for J and C


A big thank you from me and here's looking forward to SFN going from strength to strength in 2012! I'll add another franglais kid so as I've said for the past 2 years, I'm doing my bit to increase the anglo french membership :)

Best wishes everyone

Suzanne xxx

I thought I had added my thanks on this post early this morning, but obviously somewhere along the line I hit the wrong button Soooo a huge thank you form me to K+James and Catharine and to all of you who have answered my questions, given advice, made me laugh and got me thinking. Happy Christmas and here's to 2012. Briony xx

James and Catherine, I don't know what your goal was when you set out on the voyage that is SFN, but you have created a community that is helpful, thought-provoking, amusing and all points in between and you should feel very rewarded.

We benefit from your hard work and I would like to add my heartfelt thank you.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that we all survive 2012.

Glue, that's the answer glue, good for cracks...

wut cood, survively as good be as can...

Tarte aux poires avec crème anglaise to make as my contribution to dinner and children's silence now and then check my ingredibolds for the cheesecake the majority voted I make tomorrow for Sunday's desert (Gobi, no sir Sahara, nothing but the best for my tribe)...

You smiling face cheers me up too mate,

smeep kiling, and don't let them dangle...

Brain, you crack me up!

sorry ref age ref, numeric dyslexia. Happy masacre

chain-saw wise sine i was chaw I think


How dare you refer to me as a big kid? I am not THAT grown up yet, despite the age on paper (which should be burned forth or fifthwith...).

If I became serious I'd shrivel up and cease to exist, my professional life is too serious to allow that. So, yes, Catharine and James I have given Gristmas Chreetings to already, how about everybody else on here (including Christopher with whom I cross swords except on matters of food), 'cos no matter how serious we get and squabble, that's what I have figured out (lucky I got that PhD innit?) SFN is for and if I need an excuse (as if) to lift another overfilled tumbler of Laphproaig then it will be to the deadly duo and all the rest of you. Sentence too long to be grammatical but what the heck. I am off to start up me chainsaw and have a good reserve for the festive season when I intend to be too wobbly to be allowed near such a deadly object.

CHEERS everybody, kisses and hugs to you ALL.

ooo Hi Steve,

I seem to have wandered in here looking for my glasses. But if this is an opportunity to say thanks, then I forth and fifth the sentiments.Firstly To James and Catharine.

What an astounding couple! So pleasant, so aware, so helpful, so diligent. I am in awe, thank you.

Secondly to all my new 'virtual' friends like such as Brian Milne who has spoon fed me some bite sized jokes, and who seems to be a kindred spirit, wordsmith (brain the size of a warehouse) watch your spelling Birks! and 63 three year old big kid to boot. Good on you Brian, I'd spoonerise and spoon with you any day.

As to the help and info...I used to be a confirmed Googler, I now use SFN. Pose a question, and you get 12 solutions, 5 recommendations, 4 pics and, diagram and a link. Sling in a discount coupon a new friend or two, plus a couple of invites. Move over Wiki, and let SF take over.

Thank you all too, for your selfless guidance in helping me go for AE. I will have less time...I've got a business to run, you know. But I shall be here, posing my queries, dropping my clangers, and hopefully tossing in a few pics.

To square the circle, the community is a REAL community, guided by a truly wonderful couple. I wish you all a Happy and well deserved Yule, and if it could find my glass, I would ask...oh here it is...under a little paper work ..and a plate..I have that sausage later...and ooo look there's me glasses.

Let us all be upstanding and propose a toast to

James and Catharine

And Joyeux Noël too ;-)

Wot they all sed.

Have a great Christmas and we'll see you on the other side.


Hope you two and all the family have a happy, peaceful and warm Christmas. Here's to a great year for SFN in 2012

Gina xxx

Et Moi!

Hear, hear! With lots of love

Everyone seems to have said it all. Great job, met some great people. Thanks for everything. Have a great Christmas and New Year and see you soon.

Well said Steve, couldn't agree more. Add my thanks Catharine and James.

Another agreement from me. Great post Steve and I too add my Christmas wishes to two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of being in contact with.

James and Catharine,

I dont know how you find the time and energy to do all you do with the site but the effort, patience, humour and results are very much appreciated

Hope you both have a terrific Christmas and New Year

Wagga Steve