Thank you

Well hello all,

I have avoided writing this post because I just didn't want to but now reality has hit and so here goes.

We left our home in France on Tuesday and are back in England for the foreseeable future. Already we are missing France and our home like crazy but hopefully that will get better. The reason we have returned? Well, the promised work contract at an international school had gone from the promised 18 hours a week, barely enough to survive on but we had high hope of our enterprises, to eleven. No question of being able to survive France on that.

When did we find this out? Two and a half weeks ago when Russell picked up his timetable, No-one at the school thought they ought to let us know that he wouldn't be earning enough to live on, although they had assured him in June that his hours would be 18, they had changed their minds. And that is what makes me really cross, because let's face it, they didn't change their minds the day they wrote the time table out.

Anyhow, luckily he had been headhunted for a job in the summer and when he contacted them they still wanted him. So in two weeks we have located a fully furnished, empty and willing to take a dog, tied cottage and are going to sign the lease on it tomorrow and he starts work back in the English education system on Monday. We are still shell shocked and trying really hard to be positive but it is not easy. Anyhow I still intend to start our businesses up just from a different location and we will return to our home but just for the holidays. What I really want to say was a big thank you to all you SFNers who have over the last 18 months answered my questions, re-assured me about the auto entrepreneur system and above all made me laugh. I shall continue to be a member just for a little further afar. So THANK YOU to you all

Absolutely it is a new part of the adventure and don't worry about not having anything to do 'sans jardin' - by the time you sort out the cottage to your liking, Christmas will be looming and plans to be made for that. The area you're in sounds lovely. I'm so glad it fell into place for you as the outcome could otherwise have been horrendous. There've been strong winds/rain here for a week with more forecast so I've been running around looking for a winter coat for Shaun too! At least he's excited that winter's coming and he might get to see some snow. Oh to be a kid again...

Thanks Valerie,

We are busy sorting out the reversal process, bank accounts, telephone contracts, using next doors wifi code at the moment, etc. It is just as time consuming this way as it was in France and I have to say that all in all just as much red tape. When all of this is done I will be looking at setting up the sejours linguistique under english jurisdiction and so will be back in touch with all who were interested in being a host family.

Meanwhile we are in a lovely part of England, 10 minutes south of Newmarket, the first day here I went out and bought a winter coat ! We are missing our friends, garden and home in France and I am not sure without the large garden to occupy me what I shall do all day, but we are so lucky to have a job and to have found a house. The school in France in my opinion acted dis-honourably but we always knew what they were capable of, we were niave enough to think this time their assurances were to be believed. This is just the start of another new adventure and we are trying to emabrace it!

Briony, I was so sad - and stunned - to read this. What you must both have been going through for the past few weeks. The way the school dealt with Russell, reducing his hours without any notice, is appalling. I can only imagine the shock. I am relieved you had a 'fall back' plan and also managed to find what sounds like the perfect cottage for you to move into. I truly hope it all goes well for you both.

Best wishes