Thanking Victor Meldrew

(steve Clinton) #1

I would like to thank a nosey busy body who because of sticking their nose into other peoples business it has just bagged me A top of the range Honda goldwing for free so thanks busy bodies of the world I am a happy biker today …

(Peter Mathews) #2

Catharine - you are a spoilsport!

(Catharine Higginson) #3

No. Cos that would not be very SFN.

List of freebies - yes.

General nastiness - no!

(Sylvia Bursey) #4

Brilliant. Can we start a list of “busy bodies” to see what else is free!!!

(steve Clinton) #5

long story short a guy who has a big ol goldwing which he imported from the states and could not be arsed with the re registering after a busy body pointed out an outdated problem just threw his hand in and said you ride the thing more than me so why dont you have it …simples…so i’ve ended up with an €8000 bike …so its a big thankyou to the nosey brigade long may they reign …

(Peter Mathews) #6

Steve - and how exactly did this work? I wouldn’t say no to a free bike…