Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit and click the “Like” button. I just need one more “Like” to bring the total to 200 and then I’ll make a donation to Save the Children

Here’s a copy of the e mail I received, confirming my £10 donation to SCF, when i reach 300 “Likes” I’ll make another donation.

Dear W WISE,

Thank you so much for your kind donation of £10.00 to support our Niger appeal.

We are really grateful that you have been able to help us as thousands of children are on the edge of starvation in Niger due to extreme food shortages and high food prices.

We began working in Niger in 2005 in response to the hunger crisis. Since November 2009 we have been scaling up our response in some of the worst-affected communities.

My colleague, Robert, recently visited a feeding centre in Niger. Severely malnourished children and their families had travelled from as far away as 50 miles. He told me that this centre was made up of three large tents. When he walked into the first tent, where the children who had just been admitted were cared for, he was greeted with silence. There were 30 children in this room, each with an ashen faced mother watching over her child.

When the children were out of immediate danger they were moved to the second tent. In this tent he saw the children sitting up in their beds and the mothers had a little smile in their eyes. In the last tent, the noise hit you, the children were running around and the mothers were chatting. After 10 days at the centre the children are normally ready to go home, and we give them help to get there so they do not have a long walk back.

We’re feeding the most vulnerable children and mothers, whilst also treating children suffering from malnutrition. But, we are also addressing the causes of this food crisis. Families want to be able to support themselves, and we are helping them to do that – for instance, by giving the most vulnerable families livestock such as goats.

We couldn’t do any of this without your support. Your generosity will allow us to continue this work to help the most vulnerable children so thank you.

If you would like to keep up to date on our progress in Niger please have a look at our website

We need to start making a noise. The more people know what’s happening in Niger, the more money we can raise, and the more lives we can save.

Please also email your local press and demand they cover the food crisis in Niger to help raise awareness about this silent emergency.