That walk to the altar - Update 17/05

I’m hoping that everything that can be done will be done to support Meghan Markle’s Dad to walk her to the altar on Saturday where she will exchange vows with Harry, her husband-to-be.

I think he has had a very tough time with the press on both sides of the Atlantic, and clearly wants to be at the side of Meghan, so that she feels his closeness on that walk, and has the assurance that his “handing her on” to Harry’s care will bring.

Hé seems a good man, but whatever his standing in society they are of one flesh, and worthy in the eyes of God, whatever that may mean, and should be so in the eyes of everyone assembled there, ‘high’ or ‘low’.

Hold your head up high, Dad, your daughter is a precious and cherished being, and proud of you, and her Mum too. May she and her chosen spouse be happy, healthy, free of harm, and the causes of harm, and know peace.

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I hope they can sort out what is going on… for a Dad to walk his daughter down the aisle… well, that is surely a very special moment…

But, if he is not able to do so, I hope it is for a good reason… and not because of pressure from those seeking to make mischief…

Or him having an eye for a quick photo op’ profit/buck? no 'e wouldn’t do that, silly me! :rofl:

I suspect he is regretting that… and I wish him well… poor man…the whole internation spotlight is now trained on him…

A bit cynical, Bill? Where’s the evidence Meghan’s Dad is on the make? I’d be more inclined to be cynical of the press. I remember how they hounded Diana to death. And so, I’m pretty confident, are Harry and Will.

POOR MAN!, he is gross, disgusting, I can not believe anyone, would describe him, as, ‘poor man’, flaberghasted!!!

He is a father, who was hoping to walk his daughter down the aisle…

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AND an ‘Utter User’, using the situation, his daughters to his financial advantage, animal, imo :neutral_face:
I am truly astonished at some of you, and your apparent amazing, naivety. (“poor man”) I am gobsmacked :rofl:
Where has all the Genuine Romance gone :roll_eyes:

To explore the concept of being paid for a photo - who if anyone is in the wrong?

Is he wrong?

Is the photographer who paid the money wrong?

Is the newspaper who commissioned the photos wrong?

Is the newspaper reader who buys the newspaper wrong?

If someone wants to pay me money to take my photo - I am ready to say “CHEESE”!

This was the first item on tonight’s BBC news at 6pm, the world has gone mad.

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But not because your daughter is ‘who she is’ now,
I do hope so Mat :wink:

Can you men imagine how you might feel… in his shoes…

maybe you have been daft… just maybe… but, so what if you have… why should you feel it necessary to cancel “that walk to the altar” because of what other people are saying or thinking…

Just out of curiosity, what do French photographers say to people to get them to pull their cheeks back in a pretend smile? It’s possibly not fromage…perhaps that’s why some French models pout for the camera?

Well, at least I would feel,
at least,
a bit,
RICHER :rofl:

It’s possible he doesn’t want embarrass his daughter. In the circumstances of a global media blood-fest, it’s evident the fellow has been compromised over and over again, and the stress has made him ill. His daughter loves him, whatever his shortcomings may or may not be. It’s likely they have been in touch about the wedding, she wants him to come, and Harry has spoken to him on the phone. Both the young ones will want to build a relationship that will sustain them all, there will be times when close family matters, life is long, and blood is thicker than water. There will be grandchildren…

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Well, Bill, maybe money has an importance for you that it may not have for others. We only know about Mr Markle what we’ve been fed by the press, mainly the gutter press, for whom the only thing of value is the story. People have no value, except as sources of a story that will sell.

Well poor naive, simple, used chap, :sob: what a load of ? he knew what he was doing, just a bit overconfident, Poor Chap :rofl:

Oh Bill… we’ll never see eye to eye on this one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes::upside_down_face:

night night

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Is someone getting married, have I missed something?

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One of the children of the sainted Diana I believe Mark.