The agricultural revolution...?

French farmers certainly seem to know how to grab attention.

First time we experienced this…we were on our way to sign for our French home… we were stuck on the motorway for several hours. Kept the Notaire informed of our progress… and watched in amazement as the other folk simply got their bits and bobs out of their cars… and enjoyed their picnic or whatever.

In my innocence, I thought it was a serious accident up ahead, so we kept calm and waited… thinking about those who might be injured etc. Many hours later, when we were edging past the burning tyres and folk with angry faces, we realized our mistake. :wink:

I should add that… when we saw the gendarmes/police (whoever) dashing by, we thought… aha… it will soon be sorted… how wrong can you be…??

Of course, their presence was merely to ensure that the Farmers were allowed to protest without “bloodshed” … but we didn’t know that at the time. :grinning:

Years ago, driving around Saint Malo we were held up as a farmer had spilled a load of potatoes. Like you we initially were sympathetic thinking it was accidental - until we came across the same thing at the next roundabout…, and the next.

The local gypsies were filling sacks with potatoes as fast as they could (I don’t think the Farmers minded - they were not removing enough to make the protest ineffective).

It seems to be something of a tradition amongst the farmers.

Stella, I imagine if you or I burnt our spare types on the road, blocked a road or had a bonfire in our garden - we’d be prosecuted, at least fined and possibly locked up. Now that’s what I call Égalité!! :rage:

The right to protest / strike - I get it (yawn!) but what about the right to get to work, hospital, airports …how come the right to protest is more important?

Just look at this mess around Toulouse at the moment: ( you may need to activate the Traffic filter)

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I perfectly understand the French need for a good “manif”, but why do the farmers always have to burn tyres? Surely there must be some anti pollution/clean air law to prevent this.


Perhaps as Stella suggests it is a convenient way around any such laws.